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Devoicing for Emphasis

I commented to a client about a tendency to devoice when emphasizing a word, and I thought I pass the clarification on to everybody on the blog. Th... Read more

Nasality and the Soft Palate or Velum

  More on the concept of “flat” with regards to voice and accents. Commenting on a question about the “Flat-A” sound and why even good speakers fro... Read more

What does “flat” mean?

I got an email from a customer with a question about the concept behind the descriptive word flat: I’ve recently bought your Boston accent guide an... Read more

Thick Vocal Folds vs. Thin Vocal Folds

AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson talks through the basics of how the vocal folds work, what impact this has on honesty, and how it affects some accent... Read more

Love Me Some Pittsburghese!

In the summer of 2011, I spent five days in hot pursuit of the Pittsburgh accent, and I think I’m in love. I had low expectations of this city over... Read more

Gullah Accent Grub & Gab

I had the honor of meeting and speaking with Joseph Legree, Jr., a 2009 South Carolina Folk Heritage Award winner. Mr. Legree has been making casti... Read more

Flat Accents and Round Accents

A follow-up question from a reader about the varied ways that “flat” is used to describe accents: “Are there any accents for which the key concept ... Read more

Lifting the Soft Palate – Reducing Nasality

AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson goes further into how the soft palate (velum) works, and tricks and tips on how to lift it: The soft palate is especi... Read more

Learning Accents: Nasality or Twang?

A lot of people think that an accent or dialect is nasal when it isn’t necessarily so! Often times we interpret twang in a voice as being a nasal s... Read more

Listening to Cockney Accents

It’s a bit of a challenge to base dialect work in a play fully on accurate, native-speakers’ accents. This is a challenge with more working-class d... Read more