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Monotone Speech

Jim Johnson makes a few suggestions on monotone speech and a few techniques for speaking with more variation:   Being louder, opening up the resona... Read more

Intro to the Soft Palate

Jim guides you through the basics of what the Soft Palate (or Velum) is:   The Soft Palate/Velum is the back part of the roof of the mouth and serv... Read more

Breath Support - Transversus Abdominus Crunches

Major element of Breath Support = Abs (more specifically, the Transversus Abdominus) It can be difficult to get a sense of where the Transversus is... Read more

Breathing from the Diaphragm?

Can you "breathe into the diaphragm" or "breathe from the diaphragm?" Yes, and no... Here's an introduction to how the diaphragm works and the basi... Read more

Breath Support = Abs

Ever heard of Breath Support? Think "Abs!" It's all about the abdominal muscles (or, more specifically, your Transversus - watch for a future post.... Read more

Breath Support at the Ends of Phrases

You need even more breath support (ABS!) at the ends of phrases than anywhere else, especially to avoid falling into vocal fry.    Read more

Mouth Placement

A response to a question about someone who feels like his voice is stuck in his throat - he specifically asked about "mouth placement."     "Mouth... Read more

Avoid Being Monotone

A YouTube follower asked me, "Do you have any advice on developing a less monotone voice?"   It's hard to answer that without getting to hear someo... Read more

Tongue Stretch to Open the Throat

I had an inquiry from someone about how to improve his sound.  He had an issue that tons of people have: tongue tension and a sense that the sound... Read more

How to Speak Louder and Deeper

  YouTube subscriber Ann made an inquiry about how she could learn to speak louder and deeper.  Here's a quick run at the basics of breath support... Read more