Customer Reviews

"I'd just like to say that while I've had the good fortune to work with numerous wonderful dialect coaches over the years, I've not encountered one who has done such an exemplary job of breaking down both placement and substitutions in such a clear manner. I had a night to put together a Swedish dialect and I was having a very difficult time nailing the placement. I downloaded your resources and inside of ten minutes everything clicked. The downloads on your site offer far and away the most clarity in terms of dialect breakdown that I've ever encountered. I'll be replacing all of my previous resources with yours." (September 2021)

Kevin Isola actor

"I love your research and attention to detail, and recommend your accent and dialect materials to all my students. I teach at the Guthrie Theater, and was a vocal coach for many years." (August 2021)

Mira Kehoe dialect coach

"I want to give a big shout-out to JimJohnson from @AccentHelp. English is not my first language. His #Generican materials proved to be incredibly helpful for the recording (and my everyday speech)." (August 2021 via ...Twitter)

Beck Millan @beckbeat

"I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for your continued great service in providing details for accents! I just finished production of “After the Rain King” and I could not have made the characters work without your accent resources." (August 2021)

Doug Causey actor

"I have to say, I am THRILLED with your dialect package. It's so thorough yet so user-friendly. The breakdown of consonants, vowels, then diphthongs made it so much less daunting to tackle a whole new way of speaking. I truly want to commend you on this work that I'm sure took you many hours to compile and package together. I will happily recommend this to all my fellow actors and my students as well." (July 2021)

Andrea Hochkeppel actress

"Your content is so deep and thorough. I really appreciate your work." (June 2021)

Rachel Errington actress

"Thank you for your wonderful site - it's really helped me with accents! It's genuinely the best site I've ever used." (June 2021)

Sarah John actress

"Thanks so much for your Accent Help resources! They have been incredibly helpful and easy to use, and super fun too." (June 2021)

Eunice Wong actress

"I ordered five accent packages in January and promptly downloaded all the materials and have been absolutely thrilled with them. I have too many nice things to say to fit them all in one email so I'll just say thank you for all you do! You've made a massive difference in this actor's life!" (May 2021)

Robby Keown actor

"I’m a dungeon master for Dungeons and Dragons and I use accents to bring the non-player characters to life. My players love it. It certainly helps that you are amazing at teaching! Thank you so much for teaching accents, you are really good at it." (November 2021)

Justin Bower gamer

"Your courses are excellent and so helpful. For someone like me who has known for years I was lousy at (incapable of) dialects, you’ve changed me. It feels great." (February 2020)

Robert Adrian Keesecker audiobook narrator

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your client follow-up - thank you for the update! And, as always, very impressed and grateful for the excellent accent tapes themselves, the best. I never worry about being able to master an accent for theater/film if it's available on your site!" (October 2020)

Karen V Lawrence actress

"As a dialect coach in the UK I use your resource quite often as I find the quality and range of the samples to be excellent." (November 2018)

William Conacher dialect coach

"I’m the artistic director of JDY Theatre, a Jewish theatre collective in Toronto, Canada. We are currently in rehearsals (over Zoom) for our upcoming production of ‘Lebensraum’ by Israel Horovitz. It is our first time working on a play that is so dependent on accents – every actor plays 4-5 characters, constantly alternating between different accents. For the past month or so, we’ve been relying on your resources – specifically for the German, Boston, Israeli, and Slavic accents. Your materials have proven to be effective, professional, affordable, and the results are absolutely incredible! Thank you for such high-quality resources!" (June 2020)

Dan Patrenko artistic director

"Thank you for creating such a great resource for learning dialects and accents. Your materials feel very accessible for performers of a variety of levels, and I am constantly impressed with the all around quality of the materials." (November 2020)

Richard Buchanan actor & professor

"Excellent! I’m really impressed. I have been doing German accents for years, but it is so important to always go back to the basics. I grew up using Blunt and Stern for guidance—but I have to say, this is incredibly thorough. Plus, you don’t rush us in your ‘call and response’—which always has been annoying in the past." (July 2019)

David Kwiat actor

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you it’s amazing that, despite having bought the course over 10 years ago, you still sent me the updated version for free. Now that’s what I call customer service. Well done to you, Sir. I hope your business is going well and will be sure to recommend your website to anyone I know looking to learn a new accent." (September 2019)

David Lawson actor

"This is fantastic. Your course is one of the best investments I have ever made." (February 2020)

Pat Flynn actress

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I am 100% positive that I will be asking you for your services again in the future. It is an amazing deal! The best bargain an actor can find to get such a complete set of resources. (January 2019)

Eric Moore audiobook narrator

I have used your website in the past to get some great accent help as an actor, and loved the simple and effective delivery. I really do think your skills and materials are fantastic. Easy to follow, meticulous and fun. (March 2019)

Teri Loretto-Valentik actress & professor

"I wanted to reach out and thank you for your beautiful work! Back in the Spring I did a play in a festival in New York where I was tasked with learning a Castilian Spanish accent in two weeks (by myself). Though I've always had an ear for picking up accents/dialects, I really had no feel for this one at all when starting, so my fear was palpable. Nor had I ever been cast in a role where I needed to perform with an accent I didn't know. So I put you in my ear for two weeks, and eventually I got it! I even got a lovely review about how I had nailed the accent. So thank you! I appreciate your work and will continue to use you when the acting gods call upon me to do so." (August 2018)

Andrea Cordaro actress & producer

"Your website is a true lifesaver for me. I have added two British dialects to my resume with your help, and immediately knew where to go when a director unexpectedly told me tonight that I will need a Flemish/Danish accent for a production I'm working on. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" (February 2019)

Allison R actress

"You don't waste time waffling. You dive straight in and get on with it. I really like the logical, efficient way it progresses from one point to the next, giving plenty of practice along the way." (March 2017)

Judith Hardakar actress

"Love the lessons - so easy to learn even with only a couple days' notice! When I get an audition with an unfamiliar accent I come straight to you." (February 2017)

Alex MacDonald actor

"Can't wait to get started on the Castilian accent! The previous accent pack, Scandinavian, was fun to learn and easy to understand for a beginner such as myself." (August 2017)

Ben Crawford actor

"I must say, your customer service has always been top notch!! I really appreciate it. Accent Help is my go-to resource for accents. Thanks for keeping each program updated." (December 2016)

Drew Rogers actor

"You never cease to amaze, Jim! Thanks for all your work. Best dialect resources out there!" (November 2016)

Claudia McCotter theatre teacher

"I can’t tell you how much help your bundles are, I am really enjoying working through it, and I am also learning so much about my own culture!!!! I appreciate the detail in your work." (March 2019)

Fiamma Bennett actress

"I really appreciate all the work you do - it is an extremely helpful resource in my work. Thank you so much." (September 2016)

Jeremy Pfaff actor

"Preparing for a book and need to perform a Boston accent. Thank you @AccentHelp #audiobook" (August 2016)

@SuzieAlthens actor

"Thank you so much for the Boston update! I was in New England last week and it was fun to hear it "live." Visited cousins from New Hampshire and it's different from Boston, but similar. Your work makes my work better and I appreciate it."

Suzie Althens audio book narrator

"I'm a big fan of your product. I first downloaded your AccentHelp guide when I was getting ready to audition for the lead role (Billy) in a play titled The Cripple of Inishmaan. The West Ireland guide was IMMENSELY helpful in the preparation of my audition and I lacked no confidence whatsoever when it came to speaking the language-- so thank you for that! I then used AccentHelp for the preparation of having to play Eugene in Neil Simon's Broadway Bound. The role will forever be one of my favorites, including the New York accent I eventually created with your product's help. So, thank you!" (April 2017)

Kristian Bikic actor

You will always be my go to because I really like the way you lay out the lessons. I find it’s so easy to remember the changes and pick up the accent. (August 2019)

Karla Hillam actress

I needed to learn a serviceable Dutch accent in four days. AccentHelp allowed me to find the mouth shape and in particular the important rrrr. A native Dutch speaker at work tested me and said, "That works!" (August 2019)

Neroli Wesley actor

Jim is the best! I ordered a second set of the Cockney materials to use on another device, but he insisted on issuing me a refund! Who does that? His personal attention and the thoroughness of the materials is unmatched! I highly recommend both the quality of the courses and the integrity of the company! (April 2020)

Richie Lester actor

"I am a high school theatre director and my students LOVED the script reading from AccentHelp. Professor Johnson helped us with an Irish accent for our UIL production of By the Bog of Cats. I sent the script and got a recording the next day and the students had it in their ear for two weeks. We won our UIL One Act Play competition before COVID-19 cancelled the rest of the season. We got so many comments from every judge at the competition that everyone in the cast was on point with the accent. Longtime theater directors in the audience were really impressed with the students' accent work and how fast they could pick it up. I feel like I discovered a secret weapon for theatre; a secret I’m going to tell everyone about. Truly thankful for Professor Johnson’s talent and expertise and for this tool. I will absolutely be looking for AccentHelp in the future. Thank you so much!" (June 2020)

Steven Kalich theatre teacher

"May I say it's simply amazing the work you do, the gathering, the legwork, and then communicating all this to the actor so clearly. The PDFs that come with them are fantastic. The updating of these dialects and being able to download them again is also incredibly generous, too. They have been absolutely liberating for me as an actor in performance, and give me range and confidence as a performer." (June 2020)

Todd Weeks actor

"I want to say thank you for your help with a Central American accent - you did this for me well over a year ago for a one act play to be produced last March. Alas the pandemic and it was postponed. So we did a zoom reading and recording of three plays and the MULE in JFK was done and posted on Youtube. Your recording gave me so much confidence and I had a lot of fun with the role.." (March 2021)

Robert Axel actor

"I purchased several of your accents and I can't rave enough about how incredible they are!" (September 2020)

Cathryn Petit audiobook narrator

"What fantastic videos on YouTube and a terrific website of resources! I have been a working actor primarily in Theatre for over 23 years and am starting to do work as a dialect coach in LA, and am so glad I stumbled onto your work. Jim is so clear in those videos and has definitely helped me with the coaching of London dialects in particular." (September 2020)

Matthew Miller dialect coach & actor

"I wanted to thank you for your coaching recording on the Portuguese accent. I booked the gig. I’m now at lunch after shooting my scene. They had an accent coach who said my work was great. (THANKS TO YOU!)" (March 2022)

Rand Guerrero actor

"I'm a huge fan of your work and have found the materials some of the best I've come across throughout my career in acting. They’re so thorough and detailed, and even the historical context of each accent is incredibly useful. Thanks!" (April 2022)

Nathan Coenen actor

"Thank you for all your help with Dublin Irish. Our production of Shining City was a great success, with many people from Ireland coming and saying we had nailed the dialects. Each person in our cast had worked with you in some way, either buying your materials online or some of them actually coaching with you a bit, but I wanted to reach out and let you know that our work and by extension your work with us was a great success." (April 2022)

Sean Patrick Folster actor, director, teacher

"I appreciate your talent and dedication to your work. Ten years ago I found you when I was doing "Nickel and Dimed" and needed to play 4 characters with different American accents.Since then you have helped me to land many roles and polish those that I had already been cast in, stress free! You are my hero and my secret weapon! " (July 2022)

Joette Waters actress

"Your website is a lifesaver for having to learn accents. I use it every time I need a new accent and recently got told my Dublin Irish was spot on, so thanks for all the help over the years." (September 2022)

Sam Mitchell actor

"I LOVE how you describe what makes up an accent, the different parts of the mouth, the 'catches,' etc.... it makes everything so organic. Your technique very much resonates with how my brain works." (October 2022)

Karen Lawrence actress

"I just wanted to let you know how much help your Irish Accent: Dublin materials were for The Seafarer, by Conor McPherson. The feedback was extremely positive & genuine. We actually had an audience member, originally from Northern Dublin, who expressed her pleasure with our performance & accents. She said that she felt that she knew each of the characters, & it made her feel at home. Thank you for your hard work, research, & passion." (December 2022)

John O'Donnell actor

"A couple of months ago I purchased five of your programs. After using your Scottish one I landed the small but good role of Janet MacKensie in Witness for the Prosecution. I cannot tell you the number of people who have complimented my accent. I have even had native Scots ask me where I hail from! Thank you for your concise, well thought out system. I know I will purchase more!" (March 2023)

Leslie Bradley actress

"I really appreciate you/your work. I like how efficient and to the point your Southern Hard R modules are. I tried some other materials, which were a bit too informal, unstructured, and chatty to be used repeatedly. Also, your audio sample files are pure gold, super useful, with some being even interesting, like the guy in Maben Mississippi talking about the army, or the woman in Aberdeen, MS talking about Elvis. Love it." (November 2023)

Terry Lee actor


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