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Recording Scripts

Whether it's just a couple of lines for an audition, or an entire script, AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson can record your lines for you, just as he has for hundreds of other actors. Purchase a 15-minute session to get started.
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Personalized Accent Recordings


Get a Recording of Your Lines:


Oct 7-9, 2022: Limited recording and possibly longer turn-around times due to travel!


If you'd like to hear Jim say your lines in the accent for you, you can email a copy of your lines, and he'll record them in the correct accent with some commentary on the accent, if it seems helpful. Jim Johnson works professionally as a coach and as an actor, so the reading will be designed to help you with the accent while also keeping the life of the character in mind.


Purchase at least one 15-minute session and email the lines and character information to Jim (jim at accenthelp.com). In general, there is some prep work, editing, and processing, saving and sending the file - but most of this time is the actual recording of the lines. I charge a minimum of 15 minutes for any recording session. If it's a longer piece of text, you'll pay accordingly for the time it takes to do the recording. I do everything from a couple of lines for an audition to recording all of the lines in a script for a full production.


A good rough calculation is that it takes about 1.75 times the amount of time it takes you to read the text yourself. It takes longer if it's a full script and not highlighted, for example, and usually less for a shorter script or for a clearly highlighted and readable copy. Some accents are more challenging than others as well, especially if the wording is more complex, such as with some Irish dialogue, for example.


There are some accents I simply won't be able to do justice to, so my apologies if I need to process a refund and not do your recording.


CONFIDENTIALITY: I do not share scripts. I do these kinds of recordings on a regular basis, including scripts for theatre, film, television, and audiobooks - confidentiality is not an issue.


One-on-One Phone or Video Coaching:

Are you ready for feedback? Do you feel like you need to take the accent to the next level? I can work privately with you, one-on-one. Check out the info for Private Coaching.


Listen to a Sample!

The audio will be sent to you as an MP3.