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Canadian Dialect

Many Canadian dialect speakers sound no different from other North American English speakers.  There is a stereotypical Canadian dialect, but the r... Read more

New Orleans Actors

 New Orleans actors have experienced a lot of change over the last ten years - though many of them haven't been there through all of it.  A lot of ... Read more

Steel Magnolias Accents

It can be difficult for an actor or director to decide what to do with Steel Magnolias accents just based upon what's in the script. There's actual... Read more

RP Accent Course

It's not uncommon for me to get an inquiry about an RP accent course, whether online or in person.  Standard British and some form of General Ameri... Read more

Texan Dialect

 It's a big ol' state, so there are variations in the Texan dialect and there are arguments to be had, but Texan dialects got a whole lot what's sh... Read more

Cockney Accent

 A Cockney accent can mean a few different things... It depends on how specific you're being. A True Cockney Accent Technically, a true Cockney acc... Read more

Speak Southern

 "They should speak Southern."  That's the response I got from a director yesterday in response to an inquiry I'd made about accents for a musical ... Read more

Received Pronunciation History

Received Pronunciation - commonly called RP or Standard British - is the accent most people mean when they say that they want to learn a British ac... Read more

Flat-A Sound

More on the concept of “flat” with regards to voice and accents. Commenting on a question about the “Flat-A” sound and why even good speakers from... Read more

How to Speak with Thick Vocal Folds (Chest Resonance)

Recently I shared a vlog post about how to speak with thick vocal folds (as opposed to thin vocal folds) which increases chest resonance.  A follow... Read more