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Speak with a Canadian Accent

If you’re looking to learn a Canadian accent online, it’s important to figure out which Canadian accent you need to learn. Last summer I had the op... Read more

French Canadian Accents & Schwartz’s Deli

French Canadian Accents We drove into Quebec to pursue recordings for the Canadian French accent. Much success! Happily, I met a number of Canucks ... Read more

Iowa Accent

I was born in a small town in northwest Iowa called Newell. And when I say small, I do mean small: There are only about 900 people there. The popul... Read more

Talk Radio – Southern Accents

Last summer at about this time, I was on my long drive across the southeast US: Left Texas and passed through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, a... Read more

Accents of English

I do some SEO work on the site – “Search Engine Optimization.” I never used to know what that meant, and now that I know, I feel like I still don’t... Read more

Lessons in AAVE from a Hitchhiker

I’m on the road! Summer dialect recording season has begun! I don’t know if I’m the only one who participates in this “season” but I’m certainly wi... Read more

Dialect Recordings

I’m on the road again, in the midst of another dialect gathering trip. This time my main focus was Detroit, though I’ve been hitting lots of dialec... Read more

Iowa Accents by Bike

Learning Iowa Accents One Town at a Time I just spent a week riding my bike across Iowa. Yeah, that’s a little crazy, but then I was joined by o... Read more