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Showing Length with IPA Transcriptions

Here's a quick overview of how to show the length of a sound using the IPA:   I also get into what tends to make a vowel longer and what tends to m... Read more

Shawn Hatosy & Ben McKenzie

Shawn Hatosy has had a very good career in Hollywood. He’s currently in the midst of another season of Southland on TNT as officer Sammy Bryant... Read more

Nuyorican Accents in Melbourne

New York City, Australia Where do Aussies go to sound American? Director David Bell and dialect coach Jennifer Innes turned to AccentHelp for thei... Read more

New Orleans Actors Resource Center

Acting in New Orleans   The New Orleans market has exploded for actors the last few years – it’s currently the number three market in the US a... Read more

Jim's Irish Reviewed by Natives

Aug 20, 2015 The Facts YouTube channel hosts a number of Irish natives sharing their rather funny takes on a variety of subjects, including tasti... Read more

Gaming Character Accents

Tabletop Gaming in Washington Often, actors use accents to help build characters, but character building isn’t limited to actors. James Wood, a Du... Read more

Introduction to Accents 4: Intonation

Intonation is primarily about musicality and rhythm. There tend to be recurring musical phrasings, such as lifts at the ends of phrases, that are b... Read more

R Sounds in Phonetics

There are a number of ways to express the basic R sound in phonetics, which can depend on where it occurs in a word - oftentimes a pre-vowel R is r... Read more

Introduction to Accents 3: Placement

Placement refers to the sensation of where the sound "lives" in the mouth, which can commonly lead to a mouth posture that helps with an accent. T... Read more

Cockney & Australian Confusion

I was contacted by someone who is struggling to nail the Cockney accent, and he keeps slipping into what sounds more like an Australian accent. Thi... Read more