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London Dialects Overview

There are four major accents/dialects of London, which Jim covers in this London dialect overview: Received Pronunciation or Standard British Estu... Read more

Front Vowel Lowering in Northern Irish Accents

The front vowels in Northern Irish accents tend to lower, having a cascading effect on the one that typically occurs below.   When one vowel moves,... Read more

Intonation for Classic RP & Standard British

Jim Johnson covers four major intonation elements of classic Received Pronunciation (RP) or Standard British:   These are not appropriate for con... Read more

Nasalizing Vowels and Dropping Nasal Consonants

When a vowel is followed by a nasal consonant, it's very common to nasalize the vowel and then completely drop the nasal consonant. We don't alway... Read more

Nasalizing Vowels

There are three nasal consonants that are common for English speakers, but often we carry over that nasality into vowels, especially the vowels th... Read more

Introduction to Accents 6: Prioritizing Learning Accents

What accent should you learn when it's not immediately demanded by a project?  Coach Jim Johnson leads you through a list of which accents and di... Read more

Introduction to Accents 5: Helpful Hints

Often there are little shortcuts or tricks that help you to jumpstart learning an accent. Here, Jim Johnson leads you through a number of possible ... Read more

Ash Gets a Bad Rap: æ

The [æ] sound - called the "ash" or the "trap" lexical set - is often problematic... [æ] tends to be much maligned... but that's because it tend... Read more

Monotone Speech

Jim Johnson makes a few suggestions on monotone speech and a few techniques for speaking with more variation:   Being louder, opening up the resona... Read more

Intro to the Soft Palate

Jim guides you through the basics of what the Soft Palate (or Velum) is:   The Soft Palate/Velum is the back part of the roof of the mouth and serv... Read more