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Gaming Character Accents

Tabletop Gaming in Washington

Often, actors use accents to help build characters, but character building isn’t limited to actors. James Wood, a Dungeons and Dragons player from Spanaway, Washington, uses AccentHelp to create characters for his games.

James - Gamer with Accents

A Variety of Accents

James has downloaded AccentHelp’s guides for Cockney, Texas, Southern Ireland, and, most recently, Caribbean. The different dialects James has learned using AccentHelp all inform characters in his games. “I use all of them every chance I get.” Some he uses for specific characters, like South Ireland for his pirate character and Texas for his southern-army-captain-inspired cleric. Others he uses for large groups of characters when he leads a game, like when he used Cockney for a settlement of gnomes. Using AccentHelp, James can add new dialects to his games quickly, like when he used the Caribbean Accents download for a race of rock creatures. “I gamed the day after downloading and was able to inject the accent and it sounded pretty decent."

 Finding the Voice

Dialects help a character click into place, as James found out with his cleric character. “I loved the character, but hated him too because I couldn't get the accent right.” After a bit of help from AccentHelp’s Texas download, though, James found the character’s personality and charm. “He is now my favorite character to play”. AccentHelp is the best place get the dialect piece to complete a character puzzle!