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Irish Accent: North

These materials focus on the accents of Northern Ireland (Ulster) and on the accents of Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. They are separated politically, but the dialect is closely similar. You'll hear recordings of people from all over this northern region of the island.


Northern Irish Accent Learning Materials

  • The Irish: North accent materials include recordings of AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson guiding you through the basics of accents Northern Ireland and Donegal using the text, including bonus tracks of Jim leading you through a monologue in the accent, and additional examples of speaking with the accent from coach Carolyn Johnson.
  • You also get over an hour of recordings of native speakers - check out the detailed list below!
  • You'll get four versions of the written materials: a PDF file to print or read on a standard computer, a large-format PDF for portable reading devices, and MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for other portable readers.
  • Northern Irish accents have a lot in common with Dublin accents, including some sound changes and intonation. These can both be quite different from the accents of southern Ireland or western Ireland (Galway).

Audio files (126.3MB, 120 minutes)

Volume 1: Learning the Accent

  1. Introduction to Sound Placement, Intonation, and Helpful Hints for learning a Northern Irish accent (5:24)
  2. Consonant sound changes (5:46)
  3. Vowel sound changes  (6:47)
  4. changes in Diphthongs  (4:49)
  5. Alternate Pronunciations of words and terms (1:43)
  6. Wrap up for learning Northern Irish accents (3:40)
  7. BONUS Text Practice (20:50)
  8. BONUS Text Intonation (11:37)
  9. BONUS Text Example (2:22)

Volume 2: Recordings of Native Speakers

  1. Donegal Republic of Ireland Couple reading (2:25)
  2. + their conversation (6:15)
  3. Fermanagh Northern Ireland Female reading (1:42)
  4. + her conversation (3:51)
  5. Belfast Northern Ireland Male reading (1:04)
  6. + his conversation (1:05)
  7. Belfast Northern Ireland Female reading (1:10)
  8. + her conversation (3:50)
  9. County Down Northern Ireland Male reading (1:07)
  10. + his conversation (wind noise) (1:20)
  11. County Down Northern Ireland Couple reading (2:28)
  12. + their conversation (wind noise) (1:35)
  13. County Down Northern Ireland Male reading (1:10)
  14. + his conversation (1:58)
  15. Belfast Northern Ireland Female reading (:58)
  16. + her conversation (with a woman from SW Ireland) (5:13)
  17. Limavady Northern Ireland Male conversation (12:54)
  18. Belfast Female reading (1:02)
  19. + her and a Belfast Male in conversation (4:10)
  20. Antrim Male reading (:58)
  21. + his conversation (1:43)
  22. Tyrone Male reading (1:25)
  23. + his conversation (2:33)
  24. Strabane Male reading (1:16)
  25. + his conversation (3:27)

This accent is appropriate for productions of Dancing at Lughnasa, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, and other plays. You also hear it in films like In the Name of the Father.

Most of these recordings are made "in the field" so you will hear such things as birds, cars or other people in the background. A transcription of the conversations is included to help you follow along.