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Dutch Accent

Dutch accents can vary a bit depending upon what part of the Netherlands someone is from. People often find that it sounds something like a German accent, but there are some distinct differences that are covered here in the download!
Finally, you can reach your goal of sounding just like Herman Brood...


Dutch Accent Learning Materials

  • The Dutch accent materials include recordings of AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson guiding you through learning the accent, using the text, as well as a number of recordings of native speakers. Jim gathered most of these recordings during various trips - bringing the experience back to you in this download.
  • You'll get four versions of the written materials: a PDF file to print or read on a standard computer, a large-format PDF for portable reading devices, and MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for other portable readers.
  • This accent is appropriate for productions of Deathtrap and other plays. You also hear it from actors like Rutger Hauer and in films like Prince of Tides and Goldmember.
  • Dutch accents have a lot in common with German accents and the accents of France, especially depending upon what part of the Netherlands the speaker is from. Holland is actually only one part of the Netherlands, though the country as a whole is often called Holland.

Audio files (69.6MB, 70 minutes)

  1. Introduction to Sound Placement, Intonation, and Helpful Hints (5:57)
  2. Consonant sound changes for learning a Dutch accent (14:16)
  3. Vowel sound changes for a Dutch or Holland accent (6:28)
  4. changes in Diphthongs in the Netherlands accents (3:53)
  5. Alternate Pronunciations of words for Dutch speakers (1:24)
  6. Wrap up on how to learn a Dutch accent (1:01)
  7. Noord-Brabant Netherlands Male reading (:55)
  8. + his conversation (9:41)
  9. Noord-Brabant Female reading (:56)
  10. + her conversation (4:04)
  11. Noord-Brabant Female conversation (7:40)
  12. Zuid-Holland Netherlands Female reading (1:17)
  13. + her conversation (6:02)
  14. Drenthe Netherlands Female reading (1:14)
  15. + her conversation (5:33)
  16. Noord-Brabant Male conversation (4:47)

Most of these recordings are made "in the field" so you will hear such things as birds, cars or other people in the background. A transcription of the conversations is included to help you follow along.