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As an actor, you need to learn accents - sometimes overnight - so AccentHelp gives you recordings and materials in an instant download that give you the accent now, guaranteed.

I got a script at 9pm last Thursday needing a Russian accent, and by 4pm on Friday I was ready to go.-Taylor Ray, actress

Everything you need to learn a dialect, instantly delivered to your computer so you're speaking the accent within minutes of ordering.  Walk into rehearsal knowing what you're doing.  Make them glad you got the gig.

Learn the accent in time for an audition tomorrow!  (Sure, it may take you more than a day to nail it, but we get you there - and you can start working on it right now!)

Complete Package for Actors Learning Accents

Have you searched all over, spending hours online only to find you don’t know if what you’re listening to is authentic? Four dialect coaches worked together: We traveled to Dublin, New Orleans, Matinicus Island in Maine – all over – to interview the natives, we weeded through tons of inaccurate YouTube clips and movies to find real, useful examples, and we figured out the keys to doing the accent by working through the process with thousands of actors.

Get a complete system: a dialect coach talking you through the accent, recordings of native speakers, and books that teach you the accent. This isn't a generic introduction for non-English speakers - this is everything an actor needs to learn a dialect – immediately!

Your Scottish was great for a play I did this summer in NY, and now I’m on to a movie with an Irish accent: a few lines in a Martin McDonagh film.  So far I have your German, Texan, Dublin Irish, Scottish and Russian – All have been very helpful! -Todd Weeks, actor

You could probably only do better if you flew there and hung out with the locals for a week, but that gets kinda pricey… So we did all the leg work and we’ve streamlined the process for you. We travel the world to record native speakers and experience the accents first hand, and we bring it all to you – Teaching accents to actors is what we do!

Learn Accents Fast – Guaranteed

This’ll get you there, whether you’re an old pro or a first-timer, or we’ll refund your money for 30 days. No risk. No worries. It’s the best training you can find without paying hundreds to work with a coach personally, or your money back!

Just finished the run here in Minnesota and it went really well.  I fooled them all with my Scottish!  I actually fooled ‘em so well they offered me a contract at Opera Philly in a year when they do the same work.  Thanks a ton.-Gabriel Preisser, opera singer

We’re adding new accents and updating our current ones all the time. In fact, if we ever update a product, we’ll let you download it again, at no extra charge!  Your computer crashes and you lose it all?  No worries - We'll resend it.  Free updates for life.  

You pay no shipping costs, and you can learn an accent with everything right there on your computer – or you can read it on a Kindle or print out the book and put the recordings on your iPod or burn them to a CD.

Get Started on an Accent Now

Check out a list of our accents, or browse geographically: US | British Isles | Other

You can even get a discount for getting more accents now and building your dialect library!

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