About Accent Help

The Accent Help dialect coaches have helped thousands of actors learn to speak with an accent. Their personal coaching experience is your key to success. They’ve worked through the process of teaching, practicing and perfecting accents, and now they’re sharing their knowledge with you.

Sharing Our Private Collection with You

Our team of dialect coaches travel the world with recorders in hand, amassing one of the largest private collections of original recordings of accents and dialects. When you work with AccentHelp’s training materials, you know you’re listening to real people with recordings that spotlight the distinguishing traits and nuances of each accent.

The site was only an idea back in 2003 when Jim Johnson and Kate DeVore first began rolling the idea around, and it found its footing in 2006, realizing that the internet has changed the way people do research and learn. They launched the site that fall, offering downloads online for the first time for learning accents and dialects. Michelle Lopez-Rios and Carolyn Johnson joined the team in 2009.

The site and the delivery method have changed a number of times in those few short years, with this latest version of the site going live in March of 2012. We’ve found a new crop of internet gerbils who madly dash about with your data and send you a link for the materials moments after you place your order – fast and easy. Both the gerbils and the process, or so I’ve heard…

The materials have changed, too. Not only are there far more downloads available now (the site launched with only four accents available), the materials sometimes change. Transcriptions of all speakers were added starting in 2010, and in 2011 each download expanded to new editions for portable readers.

We're currently updating the downloads further, adding bonus tracks that teach you a monologue in the target accent.  In addition, we're mixing up the voices a bit for you.  If the download is taught by Jim, we're adding Carolyn's voice to the practice sentences so that you get the examples in both a male and a female voice.  If Kate or Michelle are taking the lead in teaching it, we're adding Jim's voice. 

All You Had to Do Was Ask…

All of this changed because of the feedback from customers and clients like you. And the great thing is that if the materials get upgraded, you can get the update version – for free!

Got an idea about how we can make things better or easier? Let me know by emailing me directly at Jim@AccentHelp.com.

If you’ve got a distinct accent, or have a friend you think would be perfect, please let me know! I’m constantly looking for new recordings to add to the collection so that we can share them with you. Sleep is overrated.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks! -Jim