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Cockney (London East End) Accent

The Cockney accent is also known as an East End accent. It's the accent you hear in Guy Ritchie films and from stereotypical working-class London characters, such as Liza Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Fagan in Oliver. This download was not used for coaching dialects in the Mary Poppins film...


London Cockney Accent Learning Materials

  • The Cockney materials include recordings of AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson and Carolyn Johnson guiding you through learning the accent, using the text, as well as a number of recordings of native speakers. He's traveled to London repeatedly, including classic East End neighborhoods like Bethnal Green - bringing the experience back to you in this download.
  • You'll get four versions of the written materials: a PDF file to print or read on a standard computer, a large-format PDF for portable reading devices, and MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for other portable readers.
  • This accent is appropriate for productions of My Fair Lady, Oliver, Pygmalion, Christmas Carol, Sweeney Todd and lots of other plays. You also hear it in films like Alfie, Shaun of the Dead, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.
  • This download includes BONUS tracks of coach Jim Johnson leading you through a practice monologue in Cockney.
  • In addition to Cockney, London is also the home to other major accents, such as Standard British/Received Pronunciation, London Estuary English/Mockney, and Multi-cultural London English/Jafaican.

Audio files (101.6MB, 102 minutes)

  1. Introduction to Sound Placement, Intonation and Helpful Hints for East Ender accents (8:27)
  2. Consonant sound changes for a Cockney accent (15:37)
  3. Vowel sound changes for this working-class London accent (7:01)
  4. changes to Diphthongs for Cockney (5:26)
  5. Alternate Pronunciations of words when speaking with a Cockney accent (2:39)
  6. Wrap up on the basics for learning a Cockney accent (3:12)
  7. London Male "Repair Shop" reading (1:00)
  8. + his conversation (2:16)
  9. Bethnal Green neighborhood Female "Beauty Salon" reading (:54)
  10. + her conversation (2:40)
  11. London Female "Bus Station" reading (1:20)
  12. + her conversation (1:54)
  13. London Male "Traveling" reading (1:02)
  14. + his conversation (2:30)
  15. London Female "Decorator" reading (1:28)
  16. + her conversation (5:48)
  17. London Male "Driver" reading (1:32)
  18. + his conversation (8:51)
  19. Cockney Female "Baby Sister" reading (1:05)
  20. + her conversation (3:51)
  21. BONUS Text Practice (17:38)
  22. BONUS Text Intonation (4:57)
  23. BONUS Text Example  (1:37)

Most of these recordings are made "in the field" so you will hear such things as birds, cars or other people in the background. A transcription of the conversations is included to help you follow along.