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French Canadian Accent

The French Canadian accent materials are focused on French speakers in Quebec, speaking in English. Though all of Canada is officially bilingual, Québécois - French Canadian - is mainly spoken in the far east of Canada. It's similar to a French accent, but the Canadian English influence tends to result in some variations, and here they are!


French Canadian Accent Learning Materials

  • The French Canadian accent materials include recordings of AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson guiding you through learning the accent, using the text, as well as a number of recordings of native speakers. Jim gathered most of these recordings traveling around Quebec - bringing the experience back to you in this download.
  • You'll get four versions of the written materials: a PDF file to print or read on a standard computer, a large-format PDF for portable reading devices, and MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for other portable readers.
  • This accent is appropriate for the plays of Michael Tremblay, and you'll also hear it in films like When Night Is Falling and The High Cost of Living.
  • This AccentHelp download focuses on French Canadians speaking English. If you're looking for other English-speaking Canadians, you might want to check out the Canadian accent download that covers speakers west of Quebec all the way to the Pacific. You might also want to look at our French accent materials, as well as the Cajun accent, which is heavily influenced by Cajun French.

Audio files (79.1MB, 72 minutes)

  1. Introduction to Sound Placement, Intonation and Helpful Hints (7:08)
  2. Consonant sound changes for learning a French Canadian accent (13:31)
  3. Vowel sound changes for French Canadian (5:31)
  4. changes to Diphthongs in an English-speaking French Canadians (4:39)
  5. Alternate Pronunciations in English and French Canadian(1:47)
  6. Wrap up on how to speak with a French Canadian accent (1:29)
  7. Montreal Female reading (1:07)
  8. + her conversation (1:25)
  9. 2nd Montreal Female reading (:59)
  10. + her conversation (1:43)
  11. Chicoutimi Female reading (:58)
  12. + her conversation (3:04)
  13. Three Females discussing French Canadian (2:16)
  14. Montreal Male conversation (7:52)
  15. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Female reading (1:11)
  16. + her conversation (3:22)
  17. L'Assomption Male reading (1:01)
  18. + his conversation (6:28)
  19. South Shore Montreal Male reading (:34)
  20. + his conversation (6:24)

Most of these recordings are made "in the field" so you will hear such things as birds, cars or other people in the background. A transcription of the conversations is included to help you follow along.