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Central Plains Midwest Accent

Central Plains Midwest accents carry west to the Rocky Mountains, including Colorado & Wyoming, as well as the Midwestern states of Iowa, Nebraska & Kansas. You might expect the more Western accents to sound more Southern, but in reality, a Laramie, Wyoming accent doesn't have that quality.


Central Plains Midwest Accent Learning Materials

  • The Central Plains Midwest accent materials include recordings of AccentHelp coach Jim Johnson guiding you through learning the accent, using the text, as well as a number of recordings of native speakers. Jim gathered these recordings during various trips to the midwest and western and central plains, and he grew up in Iowa, so the accent is very familiar to him - He brings his experience to you in this download.
  • You'll get four versions of the written materials: a PDF file to print or read on a standard computer, a large-format PDF for portable reading devices, and MOBI for Kindle and EPUB for other portable readers.
  • This accent is appropriate for productions of Laramie Project, Music Man and other plays. You also hear it as the standard accent for broadcasters and people who want to speak in a general, neutral American accent.
  • This accent can also carry over into surrounding states, such as South Dakota, Montana, and Illinois. As you get further north, it tends to change - it's covered in the Upper Midwest accent.

Audio files (79.5MB, 83 minutes)

  1. Introduction to Sound Placement, Intonation, and Helpful Hints (5:50)
  2. Consonant sound changes for learning a Central Plains accent (6:27)
  3. Vowel sound changes in a Midwest accent (11:18)
  4. changes in Diphthongs for this "General American" accent (1:40)
  5. Alternate pronunciations for words in this standard American accent (4:11)
  6. Wrap up to learning a Central Plains American accent (1:43)
  7. Female from Southeast Iowa reading (1:08)
  8. + her conversation (3:18)
  9. Female from Newell Iowa reading (1:32)
  10. + her conversation (4:45)
  11. Female from Lincoln Nebraska conversation (4:30)
  12. Female from Cedar Rapids Iowa reading (1:05)
  13. + her conversation (10:19)
  14. Female from Arkansas City Kansas reading (:48)
  15. + her conversation (3:02)
  16. Male from Laramie Wyoming reading (1:01)
  17. + his conversation (5:51)
  18. Female from Colorado & Evanston Wyoming reading (1:00)
  19. + her conversation (5:21)
  20. Female from Bozeman Montana reading (:55)
  21. + her conversation (3:27)
  22. Male from Windsor Colorado reading (:55)
  23. + his conversation (3:34)

Most of these recordings are made "in the field" so you will hear such things as birds, cars or other people in the background. A transcription of the conversations is included to help you follow along.